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The less my style is relative to a particular genre than about letting the qualities of the pieces dictate the outcome, the more fun I have!

Haiku for a New Year

With anything I make, functionality is a consideration and one I navigate intimately when designing a hairstyle, or an outfit because of their performative nature. Anything on our bodies should enhance our movement through the world, not inhibit too much. Often vintage items are made well so they last longer and I cherish them more.

I find a lot of my clothing by thrifting. Some favorites are Hound and Hare in St. So many thanks to Alex for being my stylist and letting me invade her home for an afternoon. It was a pretty heart-breaking moment from my childhood. VGS: How does being an artist influence your personal style? And my hands too.

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Portlander by way of Brooklyn, Maya Harper was just begging for a style feature. I have to admit, spending the afternoon with Maya felt just like reconnecting with an old school friend and I hope we cross paths again soon.

It was hilarious since sometimes the sheets were from when I was a baby and they would have cutesy prints like little animals or hearts and stars. I never really liked wearing dresses as a kid but would rock the hell out of a striped queen sized sheet. This was my regular weekend afternoon routine.

Feedback for Hope

I love the styles they do with their natural curly hair. It looks so effortless and edgy. Everyone should check them out. For me, gold or brass rings, especially those really simple delicate ones.


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Midi ones too. They help me transition into those bigger statement pieces and they just look great with every outfit. They have amazing essential water sprays that I love to spray in my hair in the morning before I start my day. My favorite shop right now is Pistils on N. Every time I need a good pick me up I go in there and purchase a beautiful plant.

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The staff is so knowledgeable and kind. They also sell a lot of amazing home and bath and body products — Herbivore Botanicals makes my favorite face mask EVER! Follow Maya on Instagram curlportlnd for hair inspo and news on her forthcoming blog and hair care line. That was all I saw in the tightly cropped pic but it was enough and I knew Alison belonged here.

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  5. One of us, one of us …. Stopping by her enviably white and bright new North Portland home, I was delighted to meet her sweet pup, Tilly, and lovely cat, Rue.

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    After a house tour and some major fawning over Tilly, Alison and I got down to the hard work portion of this job. Age 7. VGS: How does working for a sustainable clothing company impact your personal style? A: Well besides getting a very generous clothing allowance every year, working for Nau has made me selective in the brands I support and the fabrics I choose to wear.

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